About Glass

Heartfully cherished one which history and tradition prove.
Beauty and warmth only created by handwork of skilled craftsman.

All of our glasses are carefully handmade one by one at the oven having produced world-known brand glassware.

Instead of "New thing", "What renew your mind"
We realized the “genuine one”, which you feel like cherishing eternally, with handwork of craftsman.

Eternal Glass for your lifetime


"Wired Beans" Produce

Wired Beans Inc.

Wired Beans are looking to provide:
Not “something new”, but “things that make your heart new”.

Things that have not existed before, yet familiar…
Wired Beans strive to create such “Made in Japan” values, and communicate the spirit of the meisters, local industries,
and designers by delivering local industry support projects.

Wired Beans Inc.

"Tajima Glass" Manufacture

Tajima Glass

Eternal Glass for your lifetime are the creations of Tajima Glass, established in 1956, a company of certified Tokyo traditional craftspeople.
The red-hot glasses, drawn carefully out of heated kilns, symbolizes the skills and passions of the craftspeople producing the cherished glasses.

Tajima Glass

"Kumanodou" Manufacture


The black urushi-lacquered wooden boxes and vermilion urushi-lacquered glasses are the creations of Kumanodou, famous for their Sendai Tansu (chests of drawers).

The Sendai Tansu (chests of drawers) is characterized by the lacquer coating which brings out the wood grain, and the hand-crafted, ornamental, metal fittings which create its elegant form combining practicality with beauty in all its glory.

Kumanodou: Custom-Made Traditional Sendai Tansu

"GK Industrial Design" Design

GK Industrial Design

The glasses have been designed by GK Industrial Design Incorporated who have won high international appraisal.

GK Industrial Design Incorporated provides designing and products planning.
The Company also undertakes research, planning and contracting for national projects as well as environmental, business and local industrial projects.